Kwick365, online ordering site by KwickPOS

Kwick365, online ordering site by KwickPOS

5 Questions to Ask Before Embarking on the Delivery Adventure:

1. "Are you ready to embrace the 'Uber Eats' of your operation?"

- Assess the restaurant's willingness to partner with third-party delivery platforms and the potential impact on their brand and customer experience.

2. "Do you have a 'delivery-ready' menu?"

- Determine if the restaurant's menu items are suitable for delivery, considering factors such as packaging, temperature sensitivity, and presentation.

3. "Is your kitchen 'delivery-equipped'?"

- Evaluate the kitchen's capacity to handle increased order volume, packaging requirements, and potential delays in food preparation.

4. "Do you have a 'delivery-savvy' staff?"

- Assess the restaurant's ability to train and manage staff for efficient order processing, packaging, and customer communication.

5. "Are you prepared for the 'delivery-drama'?"

- Discuss potential challenges such as order errors, late deliveries, and customer complaints, and develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

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